On Governments

At times I just wake up on a libertarian mood. This must be one of those days.

If one were to ask a question: "Which Government should a reasonable, rational-minded citizen support?", the answer should always be: "None". Governments are like brats, affection suffocates them. It is every decent citizen's divine right and responsibility to treat them as such and periodically beat a living hell out of them. No society can build a sustainable political system without having Great Heroes who appear once every century to plow the way for the wimpy cynics who incidentally bring them down. Don't hate your governments but do suspect them at all occasions. When any given government, even the better of them, appears to behave halfway decent for a prolong period of time, immediately assume some kind of foul-play and get rid of it. 

Beware, mistake not my rant for anarchic nonsense. Governments are needed as much as the air we breath. They're just naturally inclined to go bad if unattended. Keep them fresh and under harsh, freezing conditions.

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