Communication Rules

An old VP once told me there’s not much you can ever hope for by instituting numerous rules in your organization unless you learn the art of diverting peer pressure through the right channels. At the time I thought this sounded as ridiculous as it was cynical. It took many years for the wisdom of these words to dawn upon me. We are all products of our environment - bred, raised and conditioned by it. More often than not our thoughts and actions are reflections of the thoughts and actions of myriads before us who have collectively created the social medium we call culture. Very few of us manage briefly break free as individuals and add something new to this pool of behavioral patterns. It takes an astounding level of arrogance for someone to truly believe they are not part of this cultural web, that they weave their own pattern, roll their own dice. As a great man once said none of us is really an island, we are all part of a continent.

Peer pressure is the key for crafting out a well-oiled team. As a gentle ocean current it patiently shapes the ocean’s very character. One needs to closely observe many subtle signs emerging as a result of individual interactions, gauge the dynamics between every stakeholder, particularly the key players, and artfully push the group to the desired goal – releasing strain over here, adding pressure over there, applying an occasional policy in the time of crisis, genuinely encouraging initiative and never separating oneself from the rest. I am perfectly aware it sounds borderline manipulative but the key is to never sacrifice the ethical integrity of the team for the sake of efficiency. Success is most often orchestrated, not goaded to.

About Us

Giorgi is the founder of the company with a 20 years of experience in software engineering. He brings together his years of technical experience with the knowledge of how to build and manage software teams.
Lead Developer
Mindia is our software guru with over seven years of experience in programming. He is a true Java architect who has worked on our Android/iOS project among many others.
QA Engineer
Irma is our lead QA engineer. She comes with twenty years of experience in administrative and logistic support in various industries such as oil industry, civil engineering, food production, hospitality and FMCG.
Lead Developer
Over seven years experience in the field, willing to accept any challenge is what makes him an irreplaceable member of our team. Beqa strongly believes that understanding the obstacle is the key to overcoming it.
UI Developer

Ucha has over six years of experience as a web developer. His forte is software but his passion is the web, including apps and Javascript. He is also a true master of HTML5 and CSS3. We are extremely happy to have him on board.

Customer Support
Nana is the head of our customer support unit. She has been with the company from the very beginning. She always strives to create the sense of comfort, balance and stability.
Lead Developer

David is a senior developer with over 8 years of experience in various technologies. His primary focus is .Net, Web Services, Web Development, Drupal and Shell scripting