About the Alien Collective Cognitive

Do you remember those cheesy sci-fi movies from 80's where gray mask wearing alien invaders from Alfa-Centauri roll their eyes upwards and access their "Collective Cognitive"? The idea probably started from Heinlein's "Puppet Masters" but firmly established itself as one of the most inhuman characteristics the outter-space-visitors would possess. It nicely plays onto our natural distrust towards any kind of hive society. As creatures of habit, although we greatly enjoy group settings, we're fundamentally very private. The irony though is that the scary inhuman "collective cognitive" is slowly creeping into our everyday lives and in a few more years will irreversibly have itself established amongst the most "advanced", "progressive", post-modern humans. Think about this next time you search the Web for a quick answer to "Why am I so tired?" (top auto-complete question on the google search when you type "why am", 48 million hits), log onto Facebook to ensure your ex's future ex is ugly as a bat or inquire about the local scenery in a strange city on Yelp. We no longer expect the answers, even to the rudimentary questions vital to our everyday existence, to be located behind our lobes, we expect them to come from the "collective cognitive" and more so. Here's a few heart-warming examples obtained from the Google's autocomplete feature by typing the first word of the sentence:

  • Is Facebook down - 271 million
  • Does he like me - 566 million
  • Do not call list - 334 million
  • Should I get a flu shot - 1.7 million
  • How to tie a tie - 36 million
  • What does my name mean - 58 million
  • When is daylight savings - 2 million

About Us

Giorgi is the founder of the company with a 20 years of experience in software engineering. He brings together his years of technical experience with the knowledge of how to build and manage software teams.
Lead Developer
Mindia is our software guru with over seven years of experience in programming. He is a true Java architect who has worked on our Android/iOS project among many others.
QA Engineer
Irma is our lead QA engineer. She comes with twenty years of experience in administrative and logistic support in various industries such as oil industry, civil engineering, food production, hospitality and FMCG.
Lead Developer
Over seven years experience in the field, willing to accept any challenge is what makes him an irreplaceable member of our team. Beqa strongly believes that understanding the obstacle is the key to overcoming it.
UI Developer

Ucha has over six years of experience as a web developer. His forte is software but his passion is the web, including apps and Javascript. He is also a true master of HTML5 and CSS3. We are extremely happy to have him on board.

Customer Support
Nana is the head of our customer support unit. She has been with the company from the very beginning. She always strives to create the sense of comfort, balance and stability.
Lead Developer

David is a senior developer with over 8 years of experience in various technologies. His primary focus is .Net, Web Services, Web Development, Drupal and Shell scripting