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An old VP once told me there’s not much you can ever hope for by instituting numerous rules in

SOBU at the America Georgian Business Council
SOBU participated in the 19th conference held in Washington DC aimed at deepening business ties
Giorgi is the founder of the company with a 20 years of experience in software engineering. He


The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others - Ganhdi

Software application development is a complicated process. It involves in-depth understanding of available technologies, human factors engineering, source code development, quality assurance, documentation, automated installation and long-term maintenance.
Application developers writing mobile apps have to think about the context within which these apps operate. We strive to avoid simply porting traditional desktop application to mobile devices, instead focusing on understanding their usage context.
The entire trajectory of the industry is towards purchasing services deployed on remote servers and using them locally. The approach has proliferated to both corporate industries and individual users. We pride ourselves in the ability to build and maintain software services.


Enroll Wizard

Enroll Wizard provides an online service for finding the best healthcare plans for an…

Panda Express International

Panda Express International is a consolidated site for all the websites hosted…

Campus Alerter

Campus Alerter is a smartphone app which allows colleges and universities across the…

Panda Express LSMP

Panda Express LSMP is an enterprise application built for Panda Express Restaurant…

Diabetics Healthcare Insurance Calculator

DHIC is an online engine for people with diabetes which takes the information about their…

MyE911 Mobile®

The world is moving towards a mobile workforce with users taking advantage of the handheld…

Iveria Internet TV Platform

IveriaTV is set of server-side and client side applications for recording, transcoding,…

RedSky Horizon® 911 Call Management

RedSky Horizon® is a next generation, NENA I3 standard compliant implementation for delivering…

Derivative Order Management System

Derivative Order Management System is a financial application for a stock market trading desk.…

GIS Map Editing Interface

PSGISMO® Geographic Information System Manager is a multi-layer web application for storing, …

About Us

Giorgi is the founder of the company with a 20 years of experience in software engineering. He brings together his years of technical experience with the knowledge of how to build and manage software teams.
Lead Developer
Mindia is our software guru with over seven years of experience in programming. He is a true Java architect who has worked on our Android/iOS project among many others.
QA Engineer
Irma is our lead QA engineer. She comes with twenty years of experience in administrative and logistic support in various industries such as oil industry, civil engineering, food production, hospitality and FMCG.
Lead Developer
Over seven years experience in the field, willing to accept any challenge is what makes him an irreplaceable member of our team. Beqa strongly believes that understanding the obstacle is the key to overcoming it.
UI Developer

Ucha has over six years of experience as a web developer. His forte is software but his passion is the web, including apps and Javascript. He is also a true master of HTML5 and CSS3. We are extremely happy to have him on board.

Customer Support
Nana is the head of our customer support unit. She has been with the company from the very beginning. She always strives to create the sense of comfort, balance and stability.
Lead Developer

David is a senior developer with over 8 years of experience in various technologies. His primary focus is .Net, Web Services, Web Development, Drupal and Shell scripting


Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated - Confucius



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